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A system is an interconnected network built to achieve a common purpose. This concept defines LEGION: we build systems of people, resources, technology, and capability to address needs.

Our technical approach is straightforward and simple: determine needs by working with our client, partners, and customers to define achievable objectives, design precise yet flexible solutions, and then deliver the systems needed to accomplish them.

Our management approach is proven and effective: leverage decades of collective experience leading people in both Government and Industry, from the battlefield to the boardroom.

What sets LEGION apart is an unconventional approach to doing business. Though many companies claim agility, few were built to avoid the perils of corporate rigidity and conventional thinking as LEGION was. Our previous industry experience taught us the value of flexibility and imagination and we have incorporated these qualities into our business model, enabling unparalleled responsiveness to the needs of customers, clients, and partners alike.

At LEGION, we are: